Dog Training at K9 Solutions Center

K9 Solutions Center of Maryland is a top-rated dog training center that uses positive, motivational-based methods.  We like to refer to our style of training as “balance training” which is a balance of positive reinforcement with teaching dogs consequences. This balance allows the dogs to learn in a positive manner, through positive reinforcement, and at a quicker pace than teaching through repetition.


We offer free evaluations for clients as well. During this evaluation, we will give you our honest opinion on what your dog is capable of, and what we can offer that may meet that need. We will not promise you something that we feel you or your dog is unable to accomplish, that will only reflect negatively on us when you are not satisfied with the results. Our best advertisement is when other people see your dog, notice how well it is trained, and ask where or how you got to that level of training. A compliment is the best referral. We will stay with you in the training process until your training goals are reached.


Dog Training Services we offer:

Basic Dog Obedience Training

Our basic course is a great place to start with your dog. This will establish the groundwork for training, and for communication with your dog. Many times, clients come here not sure what level of training they want to reach, and find that the basic course met their needs. It is the best place to start, and will cover all of the basics. A trainer will walk you though what all is covered in detail during your evaluation.


Canine Behavior Modification

This course is for the dog owner that has a problem with a specific behavior. Many dogs have good obedience and/or control, however they display behaviors at home that make them hard to manage, leave alone, or have out around guests. This program is a custom curriculum course that will be tailored to your specific needs.


Remote Collar Dog Training

Remote collar training is our most popular training package. It is a perfect solution to off leash control. I explain the remote collar as an invisible leash with a ½ mile range. It will give you full control of your dog for as far as you can see your dog. It is important to remember that we do not teach new behavior with the remote collar, we only use it to reinforce what the dog already knows. The new behaviors are still taught to the dog in a traditional positive reinforcement method.


A lot of people have questions about the remote collar, how it works, and what it feels like to the dog. We use a stim collar, not a shock collar. We do not allow shock collars in our training center. Our collars are used in a positive method that teaches the dog what it did correctly, not a harsh correction for what it did incorrect. We can explain this in detail during your free evaluation.


K9 Tracking Training

K9 Solutions Center head trainer Scott Holiday has an extensive background in tracking dogs, from a “real world perspective” by working a Search & Rescue dog. Scott hold individual tracking lessons at K9 Solutions Center. Many people are looking for something they can do with their dog on a regular basis, and maybe combine this with their outdoor activities. Since our style of training is training you how to be a trainer, you can learn tracking from an experience trainer with SAR background, then go home and practice this skill to your desired level. K9 Solutions Center has the resources to take your tracking skills as far as you want to take them. This includes wilderness tracking, variable surface tracking, hard surface urban tracking and more.




Free Consultation!

K9 Solutions Center of MD offers free dog training consultations!


For a free consultation appointment please call (301) 895-8198 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

One of our friendly staff will schedule you to come to the facility for a tour and free dog training evalutaion with your dog!


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