Basic Dog Obedience Training

The first step in training your dog!

There are many misconceptions associated with dog obedience training.   Obedience will not fix all of a dogs behavior problems, it is an important part but not the complete answer.  People also confuse some of their dogs bad behaviors, such as table surfing, jumping on the furniture and begging for food, however these are al what we consider as manners.


We are different from most facilities because we combine obedience and manners training together.  All of our training is one on one so we can focus on you and your dog without any other distractions.


Our trainer as completed the national trainer certification through the American Working Dog Council, and he has more experience than any other trainer in the area.


We use marker training at our facility as well as behavior shaping, we do not use clickers (a tool used as a marker) we use a verbal marker.  By using a good reward system and learning about proper timing you will be able to modify your dogs behavior to what you want.


Another positive marker we use is remote dog collar for off leash control.  We want the training to be fun for both you and your dog.


Please feel free to contact us so we can meet you and your dog.


Free Consultation!

K9 Solutions Center of MD offers free dog training consultations!


For a free consultation appointment please call (301) 895-8198 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

One of our friendly staff will schedule you to come to the facility for a tour and free dog training evalutaion with your dog!


Why Choose Us

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